Board President - Gary Stratton, Ph.D.


 Gary’s entrepreneurial pursuits have included real estate, marketing, and financial advising.  Gary studied first at the University of Louisville, and later received his Bachelors in Economics/Finance at the University of Kentucky.  He then received his Master’s in economics from Murray State University and his Ph.D. ...

Board Secretary - Michael Culp


 Michael has a long career in Training, Technical Support and Customer Service in the fields of Animation, Printmaking, Architecture, Engineering, Education and Manufacturing. He has created custom programs for office management systems and database systems.  Installed far too many miles of networking ...

Board Treasurer - Kristel Smith


Smith has worked in and with corporations along with many sectors including manufacturing, research & development, technology, higher education, and government. She has worked with multi-country to international projects including Canada, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, and Peru.

Executive Director - Jason Allen


 Allen has a unique background of technical and cultural innovation centered on the creation of collaborative spaces for community-focused projects and education. His previous accomplishments speak not only to his expertise with high-tech tools, but also to his expertise in human relationships and teamwork.  

Advisory Board

Bill Klier, Board Director

Kevin Jones, Board Member

Swagata Banerjee, Board Member