Michael Culp, Board Secretary


Currently on Contract with Toyota wandering around a 750 million square foot campus upgrading computers to Windows 10 and designing classes and training materials for FCFI


Michael has a long career in Training, Technical Support and Customer Service in the fields of Animation, Printmaking, Architecture, Engineering, Education and Manufacturing. He has created custom programs for office management systems and database systems.  Installed far too many miles of networking and video control cables and had his hands on or in just about every computer system ever built.

Michael learned a love of making things, building and design from his father, a retired Architect, and brother, a successful contractor living in the Virgin Islands.  He has worked on a variety of renovation and design projects and can design and build a house from scratch if asked.  His primary hobby is collecting hobbies and built his first CNC wood carving machine on a dare. This led to a laser cutter and several 3D printers in his home workshop.


Michael left the University of Kentucky to join DataStream Imaging Systems as Service Manager, moving on to Beau Graphics as Output Engineer and Service Manager.  He has owned three relatively successful companies including a Macintosh Service Center, Sound Recording Studio and Web Design company.  He spent eleven years as the Technology Coordinator for the University of Kentucky College of Design working with Architecture and Interior Design students.  Currently on contract with the Windows 10 migration team at Toyota in Georgetown, Kentucky 

Volunteer Work

Michael has been a 24-year member of the Boy Scouts of America as a Cub Scout, Boy Scout Den Leader, Cub Master, Day Camp Coordinator and Training Commissioner. Working with Jason Allen at The Learning Center as a Teaching Assistant he built the computer lab from donated parts and helped students with a variety of projects and helped host the “Tinker Kids” nights for younger children to work on edutainment projects. 


Michael is a single father of Logan and Rhianna and currently lives in Lexington, KY with his Life-Mate Michelle and her daughter Teagan.  His fuzzy four-legged child Gizmo is a tan Airedale mix.  He reads too much and spends too much time trying to learn new things.