Press Release

Franklin Center For Innovation


Frankfort, Kentucky

What is the Franklin Center For Innovation?

FCFI is a collaborative community where Makers, Entrepreneurs, Families, Individuals, and Children will learn new skills, start a business, be entertained, and build a culture of making new and innovative things. It's a MAKERSPACE!


 FCFI is an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We are a community oriented public workshop where people can meet and work on their projects. We will provide a facility that is open 10 AM to 10 PM, 6 days a week (with plans to eventually be open 24/7) to all members. FCFI is a place where you can get messy, be loud, and make whatever comes to your mind. We are open to the public every Tuesday at 6pm.


OUR mission is to encourage people to make. We strive to see people discuss and build their dreams. Our goal is to promote STEAM education, open source values, and skill sharing among our members, industry, and the community.



Our community is a diverse collection of makers and teachers of all types. Electronic art enthusiasts, sewers, machinists, engineers, college professors, boy scout troop leaders and on and on. We aim to foster making and innovation in every area imaginable

FCFI STEAM Camps. What is STEAM?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Though it seems like a compilation of five academic fields, it is really an educational approach to teaching and learning STEM subjects through the arts. Basically, it intentionally integrates academic studies with arts disciplines.

We will offer after school, evening, and weekend classes on the following subjects.

Lasers, Light, and Quantum Mechanics - Projectile motion - Drones - Graphic Art

First Aid+CPR - Tabletop Games - Astronomy - Garden to Table - Woodworking - PLUS MORE

We will also work with local scout troops on merit badges

Announcing Our 501(c)(3) Status!

We are a Public Charity!

Franklin Center For Innovation


Frankfort, Kentucky

Franklin Center For Innovation, Inc. (FCFI) is pleased to announce that we recently received our letter of approval from the Internal Revenue Service confirming our status as a public charity and exempt from federal income taxes.


As an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit, donations to FCFI are tax deductible as allowed by law (retroactively back to August 5, 2019).

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to FCFI and join our mission of bringing an innovation center/makerspace to Frankfort, Kentucky! Please email us at or call 502-382-0367 to discuss your donation.

Obtaining 501(c)(3) status from the IRS is a major administrative milestone for FCFI. Having this under our belt now allows us to pursue grants and other funding opportunities limited to officially-recognized charities. Moreover, our IRS status provides a clear indication to the public of the organization’s credibility and sustainability. We are proud of our accomplishments over the past few months since our formation and look forward to pursuing our mission and objectives in 2020 with our community partners.

Please check often and follow us on Facebook @FCFIofFrankfort for updates.  For questions regarding tax deductions or tax-related matters, please contact your attorney or tax professional.


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